Out for a drive with the Cabrio, June 1st, Woerden

Today I needed the space in my garage, and I washed and waxed the DS cabrio afterwards. Then I took a fresh box of cigars and took the old lady for a ride through the countryside. And, at a quiet place, I took some photos,both with thehood up as down. The weather was fine and it was an enjoyable ride!

I think it will be time to start a new project, since the DS cabrio is in perfect shape, not everything iun the interior is perfect yet, but maybe I should leave that for a new owner… The engine runs well, both on LPG and Euro gas. Shiufteing is well, steering, light, everything is OK. And the airco also runs smooth.

Comparing with other ID/DS cabrio’s

Very early and rare Citroën ID Palm Beach convertible, used as example for the conversion..
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Driving the DS convertible September, 2018

Yesterday , 27th of September 2018, it was again a beautiful day so I took the DS out for a drive through the Dutch countryside.  Hood down, windows down and a temperature of around 20 degrees Centigrade. Not too bad alltogether, I just lit a cigar, switched on the LPG and drove away.  The car moves elegantly, the 5th gear also works very well and everything is working fine. Tested the airconditioning and this also worked fine.  I also took a couple of pictures:  Maybe I will not sell the car after all……

I still need to have the carpeting installed and have the seats upholstered with black leather…  And have the roof finalized by a specialist, will get to all of this later!