Out for a drive with the Cabrio, 2019 June 1st, Woerden

Today I needed the space in my garage, and I washed and waxed the DS cabrio afterwards outside, in the morning sun.

Then I took a fresh box of cigars and took the old lady for a ride through the Dutch ‘groene hart’ countryside.

And, at a quiet place, I took some pictures,both with the hood up and down.

The weather was fine and it was an enjoyable ride!

I think it will be time to start a new project, since the DS cabrio is in perfect shape.

Not everything in the interior is perfect yet, but maybe I should leave that for a new owner…

The engine runs well, both on LPG and Euro gas.

Shifting is well, steering and light, everything is OK.

And the airco also runs smooth.


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