One of the more delicate jobs to be done, will be the upholstery. Since parts from an Audi 80 a Volvo C70 and a Citroën DS are used, this will be a job for a specialist. In this post I will share the developments on this topic.

The Beginning

Rear bech, from an old Audi80 convertible. Made to fit the length of the Citroën.
The front of the car’s inside, with the elecrically controlled front seats from a Volvo C70 (1st version)

The following parts need new upholstery or new skin, for which I requested a quotation from a local supplier March 2019:

Front chairs upholstery,

Rear bench upholstery,

Side panels front doors upholstery,

Side panels rear bench upholstery,

Floor carpets front and rear including upholstery front under the dash,

Longerons upholstery,

Boot lid inside upholstery,

Front hood inside upholstery;

Boot side and bottom carpeting,

Roof top cover including rear window,

Front window top inside upholstery,

Front window side A pillar cover,

B pillar cover inside,

Roof lid top cover.