Specs Citroën ID/DS 1970

This post descibes the basic specifications of my 1970 Citroën ID/DS 19…

Engine: DY, 4 aluminum pistons, aluminum cilinder head with 2 valves per cilinder, 1 camshaft with pushrods, distribution chain directly driven from crankshaft to camshaft, mechanical oilpump & fuelpump. Internal oilfilter. Carburetted with a 2-stage Solex carburettor. Displacement almost 2000 Cm3. Liquid-cooled and a mechanically driven waterpump.

LPG installation, injected in the airstream on top of the carburettor.

Power brakes with front discs and rear drums.

Airco with old school aircopump.

Mechanically driven hydraulic pump, hydraulically controlled brakes and -suspension with gas-filled dampers.

Power steering.

Decoloured windows (not yellow but blue).

Rear windows: New glass, straight to fit the Citroën, Electrically mechanics from Audi80 but flattened, no longer curved up/down (sideways).

Front chairs: Electrically controlled C70 chairs (Phase 1)

Rear bench: Audi 80, made to fit.

Roof: Approx. 20 cm lengthened Audi 80 roof, approx. 8 cm widened in the center.