Citroën DS Cabrio DIY

This site describes the process of converting my Citroën ID20 Berline into a convertible version with a fabric hood. The car was in very bad shape when I bought it, back in November of 2007. Since then, we have been restoring it to a state in which it can be driven.

After the general restoring was done, the idea developed of converting the car into a convertible. (Next picture: The endresult,  September 2018)

The conversion to convertible, including making it all legal was done in 2015/2016 by an experienced licensed chassis-builder, Oord DS Cabrio, in Heerenveen, the Netherlands.  ( The underneath picture shows the car upon delivery at Oord DS cabrio beginning of 2016, before I took it home for a complete makeover of the top cover and boot lid )Although Oord did provide a fabric roof to the car at delivery, I decided to put a more practical , in my view better matching to the car, fabric hood in.  So, after the basics of the conversion was done, I took the car home and built my version of a collapsible roof and fabric hood into the car.  (The uderneath picture shows the Audi80 hood frame and hood placed in the car, and the newly developed flattened boot lid )

The Audi roof frame had to be widened and lengthened to match the windows front and side of the car. Also, the boot lid has been completely rebuilt and an additional water drainage has been custom made between roof lid and boot lid. And- of course the rear windows has been remade. (The underneath picture shows the temporary perspex window that was later replaced by special glass windows).Alltogether it took about 2.5 years to accomplish, and the fact that the car was in bad shape before this was all done, made it a much tougher job to perform. The bottom and internal structured plating of the car has been completely rebuilt on both sides with 2 mm special plate, that can withstand the car’s movements and bending.
The car has also gone through a special proofing process to get the correct papers to comply with the Dutch motorvehicle law/ legislations.